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I am Professor for Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion as well as Heisenberg Scholar at the Faculty of Theology, Humboldt University Berlin.

During the academic year '22-'23, I'm holding a visiting scholarship at the New School for Social Research, NYC.










Before that, I was teaching at the University of Zurich (2006-13) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (2014-19). I held visiting appointments at Claremont (CGU, '09), Oxford (Trinity, '12), Pasadena (Fuller, '14), and Berkeley (UC, '18). And before all that, I studied theology and philosophy in Goettingen, Edinburgh, and Berlin.

varia & obscura
new job. Together with Christine Abbt (U of Graz) I'll be serving as editor of Mohr Siebeck's new Essay Series Zur Sache - starting VERY SOON.
The network "Religion and the Emotions" is funded by the German Research Council. Our kick-off will be held at Humboldt U in Berlin in Oct.!
New volume, co-edited with Herbert Kopp, on Jacob Taubes' philosophy of religion, called Depeche Mode, out now with Brill.
interview on Swiss TV. 14.3. 2021: "Hoffnung in der Krise" (Talk with Amira Hafner-Al Jabaji. Sternstunde Religion. Online Access).
new job. Since June 2020 I am serving as one of the editors of Mohr Siebeck's series Religion in Philosophy and Theology.

most recent, selected publications

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