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research interests

  • theologies of emotions and feelings

  • faith and ontology

  • dialectical & hermeneutical theology

  • atheisms as element of faith

  • forms of unbelief, religious doubt, spiritual trial

  • theologies of prayer & hope

  • radical eschatology and the status of future

  • phenomenology of religious language (esp. Wittgenstein, Heidegger)

  • narrative ethics and the moral status of literature

  • theories of pacifism

  • animal ethics



  • co-editor of Mohr Siebeck's series Religion in Philosophy and Theology (RPT)

  • co-editor of Mohr Siebeck's series Zur Sache. Der Essay (EXX)

  • an essay on the concept of believing in God atheistically (almost out)

  • in the long run, a monograph on analytical theology of existence and the problem of hope

  • network on religion and the emotions (kick-off this October in Berlin)

  • interdisciplinary research project on relating oneself to the future (preparing grant proposal)

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