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current courses

ST 2022:


Lecture: Eschatology: A Sense for the Possibility of the Good


Colloquium: Symbols of Christianity. On Ulrich Barth's Dogmatics

complete list of courses taught



ST – spring term


FT – fall term



(Senior)Assistent to the Chair for Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, University of Zurich. 2006-2013


ST 2007:

Undergraduate course: Analytische Religionsphilosophie (with Dr A. Hunziker)


ST 2008:

Undergraduate course: Analytische Religionsphilosophie


FT 2008:

Undergraduate course: David Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Undergraduate course: Analytische Religionsphilosophie

Tutorial: George A. Lindbeck, The Nature of Doctrine


ST 2009:

[research stay in Claremont, California]


FT 2009:

Undergraduate course: Metaphern und Religiöse Rede


ST 2010:

Undergraduate course: Kreuz und Auferstehung


FT 2010:

Tutorial: Grundtexte der Dogmatik


ST 2011:

Undergraduate course: Phänomenologisch-hermeneutische Religionsphilosophie

Tutorial: John D. Caputo, Radical Hermeneutics


FT 2011:

Undergraduate course: (Post)Analytische Religionsphilosophie

Tutorial: Matthias Jung, Erfahrung und Religion


ST 2012:

[research stay at Oxford]


FT 2012:

Undergraduate course: Atheistisch an Gott glauben


ST 2013:

Lecture: Phänomenologisch-hermeneutische Religionsphilosophie

Tutorial: Zur Religionsphilosophie von Gianni Vattimo



Fixed-term full professorship for Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics, Christians-Albrechts-Universität Kiel. 2013-2014


FT 2013/14:

Lecture: Einführung in die theologische Ethik: Probleme – Ansätze – Perspektiven

Graduate seminar: Trutz Rendtorff, Ethik

Graduate seminar: Aufgaben und Grenzen Politischer Theologie

Research seminar: Spinoza, Ethica, ordine geometrico demonstrata


ST 2014:

Lecture: Christliche Friedensethik. Ansätze – Probleme – Perspektiven (three hours course)

Graduate seminar: Pazifismus und Christentum. Szenen einer Ehe

Graduate seminar: Ethik mit und nach Wittgenstein

Graduate seminar: Säkularisierung. Eine These und ihr Scheitern

Research seminar: Neuere Texte zur Religionsdiagnostik (with Prof. H. Rosenau)


FT 2014:

[research stay at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena]



Associate Professor for Systematic Theology and Deputy Director of the Collegium Helveticum. ETH & Uniersity of Zurich (2014-2019)


ST 2015:

ETH summer school. Topic: Reproduzierbar. Probleme, Chancen, Grenzen. Cortona/Tuscany, Italy


FT 2015:

Graduate Seminar: Säkularisierung und Säkularisierungskritik. Zur Architektur einer Debatte

Graduate Seminar: Kollektiver Konstruktivismus. Wissenschaftstheorie und-soziologie im Werk von Ludwik Fleck


ST 2016:

Lecture: Eschatology. On the Very Last Things

Graduate Seminar: Tacit Knowing. Zur Theorie der Wissenschaften bei Michael Polanyi

Master course: Religion and the Global South. ZRWP master class (Blockseminar, with C. Hoffmann & al.)


FT 2017:

Graduate Seminar: Depeche Mode. Zur Hermeneutik und Religionsphilosophie von Jacob Taubes

Graduate Seminar: Das Parlament der Dinge. Zur Wissenschaftssoziologie von Bruno Latour

Seminar: Worldviews in Conflict (with W. Stahel and C. aus der Au)


ST 2017:

Lecture: The Doctrine of Trinity

Graduate Seminar: Experimentieren. Zur Praxis wissenschaftlichen Forschens

Master Course: On the Question of Secularisation, 8.-10. May 2017 (with M. Huppenbauer and J. Köhrsen)


FT 2017

Lecture: Introduction into Dogmatics

Graduate Seminar: Cybernetics. The Renaissance of a almost Forgotten Project


ST 2018:

[research stay at the Philosophy Department, UC Berkeley]


FT 2018:

Research Seminar: Theory and Ethics of Comparing

Graduate Seminar: Believing and Hoping


ST 2019:

Lecture: Theology and Revolution. An Unexpected Couple

Graduate Seminar: What is a Revolution?


FT 2019:

Graduate Seminar: Orthodoxy and Heresy



Professor and Heisenberg Scholar at the Faculty of Theology at Humboldt-University Berlin (since January 2020)


ST 2020:

Graduate Seminar: Believing in God Atheistically

Block course (2-5 Juni 19): Understanding and Explaining. Basic Problems in Hermeneutics (U of Zurich)


FT 2020/21:

Graduate Seminar: Theology of Emotions

Repititorium: Dogmatics (together with the Seminar for ST)

ST 2020:

Graduate Seminar: Believing in God Atheistically

Block course (2-5 Juni 19): Understanding and Explaining. Basic Problems in Hermeneutics (University of Zurich)


FT 2020/21:

Graduate Seminar: Theology of Emotions

Repetitorium: Dogmatics (together with the Seminar for ST)

ST 2021:


Graduate Seminar: A Theology of Hope

Block Seminar: Faith and (De)Motivation


FT 2021/22:


Graduate Seminar: Faith and Trust

Repetitorium: Dogmatik (together with the Seminar for ST)

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